Plan to have the best parade experience!

How long is the parade?

The parade route is about 1.75km in length and will take about 45 minutes from beginning to end.

How should I dress for the parade?

Embrace Edmonton's beautiful winter season and all it has to offer-including the temperatures. Be sure to check the weather forecast on parade day. Layer up, put on your toque and mittens, and don't forget your long johns!

Where is the best place to view the parade?

Wherever you stand along the route, you'll see Santa and the glowing entries. Just be sure to arrive early to find the best spots unobstructed by the crowd.

Will there be downtown street closures in effect?

Yes, however cross streets on the parade route will be opened intermittently by Edmonton Police to allow north-south traffic. See the parade map to plan ahead your driving route and parking location.

Will Santa be at the parade?

Of course he will! Santa is the grande finale in his Parade of Lights, arriving in his twinkling, glowing sleigh.

What should I do if my child gets lost at the parade?

 Please alert a Santa's Parade of Lights staff member (who will be wearing an identifying badge) of the situation.  Parents, let your children know that if they become lost, they can approach these staff members along the route, and the proper steps will be taken to find their parents.

Will there be washrooms available to the public?

Yes! We have two port-a-potty locations. See the route map for details.